Saturday, September 13, 2008

AQS Nashville - August 2008

Mom came to visit last month from New Mexico. We planned earlier this year that we could drive up to Nashville for the American Quilters Society quilt show in August - we both rather go to the BIG quilt show in Houston in October but timing wouldn't be good for me so we chose the AQS show instead. We left on Tuesday 8/19 and arrived at the Opryland hotel later that evening - we made a couple stops along the way in Alabama to visit a couple quilt shops and I bought a couple yards of this and that.
This was my first ever quilt show since I am just a begining quilter, actually, I still have yet to complete my first pieced quilt, if you don't count that fleece rag schmatta I made while evacuated. The show was huge! We didn't take any classes, not that we didn't have the time, but the schedule and choices was a bit overwhelming. Lesson learned though, we'll register for classes next time. The show floor was not very full the first day but by Friday, the place was packed to the gils. Mom purchased a long arm machine from Hinterberg, the Voyager 17 - after we went and played with every long arm they had on the floor - she liked the Voyager the best for her budget. The Gammil was nice but with stitch regulator and all it was double what she really wanted to spend. I of course, focused on patterns and fabrics - I hit all the $1 and above fat quarter boxes and walked away with a pretty big stash to get me started on a couple new holiday projects ahead of me - i'll post some pics soon of my new stash.
In all - this was an exciting week and the show was full of friendly folks. The quilt exhibit was incredible - somthing I did find is that I really liked some of the traditional piecing quilts along with many of the non-traditional art type pieced quilts along with many of the applique quilts- WOW some of those were just incredible. I've posted a few of my favorite snapshots from the show below. Enjoy! More to come in a day or two!

This beige/brown quilt is full of embroidered panels - it was incredible!
This orchid/green butterfly quilt was a show stopper for me - -I was so drawn into this quilt - I am just amazed at all the artistry involved in show quilts.

This was the best of show winner! Just incredible! The photo doesn't do it justice - the detail and the perfectionism was just amazing.

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