Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter to all

I just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Easter - belated posting but I think it still counts. It was a jammed full weekend of activity around here - no quilting but got some ebroidery done which was great. Yesterday, Jody and I celebrated 9 years together so I decided to embroider a fun crawfish design on an apron he can use for boiling crawfish, which is a ritual type event that happens on most weekends here in south Louisiana, especially on a holiday weekend like this one. I think it turned out great.

I also created some fun crawfish towels that I gifted to our friends Missy and Sonia who hosted us at their home today for a crawfish boil. I created them from a bunch of inexpensive kitchen towels I picked up at IKEA a while back - they were quite inexpensive and the redwork crawfish was fun - put my digitizing experience to a test but it turned out great.

I also need to repost a photo of the quilt Mom created for us -- I had neglected to place the quilt on the bed correctly to show the "shadow boxes" of the design - so now, that I have placed it on the bed correctly, thanks Mom, I can see the design beautifully.


momtofatdogs said...

Ha Ha Ha, i thought I was the only one that put quilts the right side up!

Sam in Middle Tn

Kim said...

Well happy anniversary to you two! That is one happy crawfish you embroidered on the apron and towels. I think I have those towels from IKEA, I use them for pressing clothes in the sewing room. I see what your mother means about the quilt - it does look better turned the proper direction. I learned something new - thanks mom!

Vicky said...

OMG, CRAWFISH!!!! I am so begging an invitation to your next one!!

The quilt is gorgeous - and I love all your embroidery projects! Waytago, Rick! Oh, and congrats to you two!!