Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Binding on a roll

I recently acquired via the wonderful world of Ebay several old wooden textile bobbins/spools and they not only have that great vintage appeal, they are utilitarian as well. The first purpose I have found is to roll my quilt and project binding on them to store until i'm ready to attach the binding to my project. I just keep them on the roll and set the roll in a box on the floor and it just unwinds as I attach the binding. Great! I am going to acquire a few more of these in smaller sizes and use them to store ribbons and ric-rak and such. Loving it!
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Vicky said...

I want to give you fair warning here: Collecting textile bobbins is addictive!! Ask me how I know! LOL

peggy said...

That's a great idea for bindings...I tend to roll mine up around my hand and then just toss them in a drawer which causes them to unravel and sometimes go missing. I'll have to check out ebay.
Peggy in NJ