Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stash Report January 2010

OK - so I had every intention of doing a weekly stash report but stuff just got in the way of a weekly report so I've promised to make monthly reports and I'll keep my database updated on a weekly basis the best I can so that I can make those monthly reports. Wish me luck with that.

I've done some purchasing lately, no surprise there huh. But sometimes the bargains are too good to pass up. I've busted a few yards this month - most went to swaps so i'll have to add that yardage back in since I'll be getting some back eventually. But I did make a few things too, but not enough so that plan is to keep stitching - and with Mardi Gras just around the corner, I'll some extra time to get some additional stitching done.

Bought this month:47.175
Bought YTD: 47.175
Used this month: 12.625
Used YTD: 12.625
Net YTD: 34.55


Vicky said...

You've been busy buying! Good for you! Won't take but a couple of quilts to bust that deficit! Have fun during Mardi Gras!

Lynne in Hawaii said...

Now if you use fabric to create count it as used...even if it is for a swap. However, if you receive a swap item that is a completed item, I wouldn't think you'd have to count it as stash coming in. I guess you would count it if it was a block swap or fabric swap. Just a thought!