Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July

I just wanted to wish everyone a very happy and safe 4th of July today. I am sure your day will be full of BBQs and summer fun. We are going to celebrate by boiling up some wonderful blue crabs this afternoon and enjoying the afternoon with some wonderful watermelon and cantelope martinis. I hope to get a couple new projects under way too today and tomorrow - let's see how well those plans get played out --- I feel like I haven't stitched in a long time and it's time to get some projects going -- my goodness, Christmas is right around the corner folks!


Vicky said...

You had crabs? I'm officially jealous!! Looking forward to seeing your new projects!

momtofatdogs said...

Happy 4th to you too! Did you see my decorations on my house? I think I got too "into it", as my Prince Charming said it was *very noticible*. I was the only house on the WHOLE block that even flew a flag. Shame on them all!

How can you think about frying or boiling in all this heat? (it HAS been cooler than it normally is...) I hope you ate lots, I'm not a crawfish eater, but Crab is okay.

Sim in Middle TN