Saturday, July 25, 2009

Recent Purchases - adding to the stash!

I made a stop at the Quilting Niche on Thursday after visiting a dear photographer friend recoving from a bad spider bite in the hospital - beware of spiders is the advice of the month! He's doing so much better now but still has a long recovery process with lots of IV treatments to fix all the clots that have formed because of the spider venim. Anyways, back to my recent purchases - I found some great fabric that was on sale - something for a teacher's tote, something funky paisley for another project - maybe a girly dress or something, some fun juvenille print fabric, some great pink and brown batik and a great sewing theme fabric with some cats! Love me some more cats!

And this great fat quarter pack - 25 fats for only $25 - - there are a ton of batiks mixed into this pack! What a deal! And I could not pass up these two Moda charm packs -- they'll probably become a part of a chubby-charmer tote gift at some point!

On to today, Saturday, my quilting friend Joanie and I attende the GSQA quarterly meeting today in Lafayette, LA and well, of course we had to visit the newest quilt shop in town - The Borne Quilter - which has been open about a year now I think. It's a great little shop and you can see some photos of our trip there on our guilds blog, Stitchin Sistas Blog. With each purcahse today, you got that cute little pillow/pin cushion - I thought it was just adorable. There was a bunch of stuff on sale for 40% off - Anyways, here are my fat quarters I purchased today. And here are a few patterns I snatched up.

And here are some patterns I picked up along with a free pattern that was given out with purchase today.

Here's a look at the fabrics I bought -- oohh la la -- I love every single one of them. The top three in that pile are going to be a fall-ish girls dress - hope to have that done before October! The next few are just for the stash - -just loved em and had to have em. The next few, green with stars, red harlequin and red with white snow flakes are christmas --- they're going into a new quilt top at some point soon. The bottom brown with diamonds just had to have will either be borders in something or a backing for something.

He're a better view of the purchases.

Here's a better look at the christmas fabrics I snatched up today!

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Vicky said...

I visited that quilt shop briefly on the way to the airport last September. It was a really cute shop. Might have to visit it again this year. You found some great pieces! Way to go on the stash enhancement!