Saturday, April 10, 2010

Polish Quilters

So my heritage is 100% Polish -- I am a first generation Polish-American, I love cabbage, sauerkraut, kelbasa and peirogi! Both my mother and father were born in Poland and immigrated to the states back in the early/mid 1960s. My sewing skills come directly from my mother and her side of the family although my father's side of the family was just as skilled. So, I have always had an interest in finding Polish quilters, which there are few or few that I am aware of because I don't think quilting in the sense as we know it in the states is something they do in eastern Europe, but I could be very wrong. So over at Quilting Bloggers website, they have lists of bloggers by country --- guess what, they have three quilt bloggers in Poland -- very neat! I use Google Chrome for browsing the Internet, so it translates the websites for you -- although at some point in my life, I could read and speak Polish very well, I no longer can. I think Mom could do it.

Anyways - here is the list of the three blogs from Polish quilters -and one quilt shop!!!

Enjoy the trip abroad!

EDIT: Look over to the right in my sidebar, I've added a growing list of Polish bloggers that quilt and/or sew!


Bozena Wojtaszek said...

Hi Whimzeestitches,
Thanks for your compliments.
Yes, quilting isn't very popular in Poland but thanks to the internet we can still keep up with quilters community :)

jednoiglec said...

Hi! You've visited the blog of my online quilt shop in Poland, but probably you haven't seen yet my quilt blog. I would be honoured if you find a minute to visit it:)