Sunday, April 4, 2010

Scaling Back and Concentrating

I recently had to make some hard decision about my time management and prioritization of tasks at hand, especially with my business which is priority number one all the time, at least that is what it should have been. I was taking on too many 'other' projects and tasks that didn't have anything to do with growing my photography business and thusly, I was suffering from those decisions. I made the decision to scale back on my teaching, sewing, quilting and classes so that I can focus and be much more present in my day to day growth of my business which is very important to keeping any sort of quilting or sewing hobby in check and fabric stash funded! So, with that, I am probably not going to be very productive with projects over the new several months but I am not giving it up - I am just scaling back. I am still planning to have Saturday afternoons/evening and all day Sundays to sew and quilt and embroider --- it will be my sanity check unless a bottle of wine has my name on it first!


momtofatdogs said...

You know what? It's just a really good thing that you can recognize that it is what you need to do instead of blaming someone or something else for what ever reason your "work" doesn't florish. I commend you. We all need to look at OURSELVES for our succsesses sp? as well as failures. Good thing you know when to focus! Good Luck & I'll keep looking for new posts anyway


Vicky said...

Good for you, Rick. There are times in all of our lives when we need to step back and regroup. Will be checking in often to see how your quilting "hobby" is coming along!