Sunday, October 17, 2010

My first retreat - recap

I know it's been forever since I last posted on my blog - life just takes us on so many different adventures and time slips away so quickly when you are having so much fun! I am being sarcastic here folks! The last half of the year is just flying by and in just a short couple of weeks will be Quilt Festival in Houston -- Mom is coming in to town later this week and I've been busy cleaning every nook and cranny of the house which has been neglected just like my blog! LOL
I attended my first ever quilter's retreat this past August! Being my first retreat, I had no clue how much stuff I should bring - as it turned out, I should not have packed as much stuff as I did -- I was afraid I would run out of thing to do but I might also have some sort of ADD thing going because I was planning to do so many different projects and I wanted to get a major jump on the holiday projects. I can tell you one thing, not an inch of holiday fabric made it out of the van -- they stay packed up in the big rubbermaid tub they came in and back to the sewing room they went after the 4 1/2 day retreat was over!

Here is the sewing space I was assigned - an entire 8ft table - we had shared cutting/ironing tables setup so we didn't have to take up room on our tables for that. It was great spreading things out. Next time, I'll be packing and taking MUCH LESS with me, trust me.

I got to a slow start when I got there because I realized I had left all my rulers, iron, extension cords etc at home in my mad rush to pack everything else in the van that morning. My wonderful partner Jody was so nice to drive up the rest of my supplies to me --- he got to drive the 2 hours which was OK because he made it a business trip anyways. The gals thought it was so sweet of him to do that. I thought so too. Anyways, we all arrived on Monday morning - I got there around 11am - unpacked the van and got things setup up and then realized what I had left behind. After lunch I was still setting things up and then Jody arrived and I could finish my setup. Then some gals wanted to go on a road trip to the local pharmacy that just so happens to sell fabric and notions too. Well, we never made it - on the way there, there was car troubles after Theresa ran over fallen tree limb in the street. Glad we stopped because she killed her transmission pan with that limb - and we would never have made it past the first town. We got back and things got into motion to create my first project a blue/silver kaleidoscope quilt - paper pieced. I got through some cutting - got some stitching done and by nightfall I was ready to burn it all --- I don't think my mind was in the right place to stitch an tear the paper that night --- I am leaving the project for another time.

This little nap sack was one of the projects I completed at the retreat. Used Connecting Threads "cheap talk" fabrics.

I decided to show a quick project I whipped up on the serger. These little 4x6 notebook covers came together very quickly. I whipped up 3 of them in no time - gave away 2 and kept one for myself.

And finally I started an entire quilt project by time day 2 1/2 or 3 rolled around. Quick and easy with no seams to match up and it's a quilt-as-you-go project. More on this in another post coming soon.

I also whipped up a journal cover too --- I was very much into the fall colors that week!

All in all I had such a great time at this retreat. I met some wonderful quilters. I got to know some friends even better and it was relaxing to be away from life for a few days in the middle of the Louisiana woods with no TV and no distractions. We stayed up late every night - well, some of us did, and I even surprised myself that I woke so early most mornings - I guess I was just too excited and needed to get some sewing done.
Looking forward to next year's retreat already.
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Judy Laquidara said...

Sounds like a great retreat and how nice for Jody to bring all your stuff! Love your little notebook covers. I think quilters always take too much stuff to retreats. I wonder if anyone EVER finishes everything they bring.

whimzeestitches said...

Thanks Judy. Yeah, I am finding out quickly that my first time experience is shared by many and I think as a quilter, it's a given we taken on more projects than we sometimes need too. LOL