Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2010 Final Stash Report

OK, I was supposed to report this stash thing monthly, wasn't I - or at least I think that's the way it was supposed to work.... well, at least I kept up some sort of spreadsheet on the stash in 2010, which in a sense, seems very OCB/OCD but it was fun just to see the numbers and well, as I run on here, NOT GOOD. Way more came in than went out. But I know I'm not alone in that department... plus I'm a fairly new quilter so I need to have a plentiful stash for all the projects, right! Too many great sales, one quilt shop store closing sale, a couple quilt shows and whalla, you amass over 400 yards of fabric in 12 months! Really, YOU DO! So here it is folks:

2010 Yards Added to the Stash: 487.586
2010 Yard Used from the Stash: 68.875
2010 Net: 418.711 in the stash that need to be used in 2011



momtofatdogs said...

I refuse to COUNT my stash. Not happening. Becasue then I feel like I'd have to be accountable. I don't wanna. You're braver than me!


whimzeestitches said...

It was a first ever count - I find it interesting to see just how 'obsessed' one can be with fabric - LOL. I don't feel accountable at all - it's just plain pretty to look at all stacked up and waiting to be used! It's art!

momtofatdogs said...

Art? I totally agree with you there. but I think I would TOTALLY know how much I buy than how much I use if I count it. Do you know that I have 13 wide width backings? All printed. 13 !! Yikes. I need to get off my butt & get some stuff DONE.