Monday, September 21, 2009

Quilt Alaska in Skagway, AK

Well if one quilt shop is not enough, here is a second just a couple doors down from Changing Threads. Quilt Alaska was awesome - they had a bunch of colorful quilts hanging around for your eyes to be drawn into. I loved this shop and spent as much time as I could there before it was time to continue in our visit with Skagway for the day before our Princess cruise ship would depart. This shop was crammed full of fabric and patterns and an extremely friendly counter of ladies that loved to chit chat and were just friendly. Now one could get very used to living with those blue skys, fluffy clouds and mountains in the backdrop -- but i'm sure when winter comes, you probably wouldn't want to be there full time.

I walked away with a few pieces of this and that and a couple patterns too!

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