Monday, September 21, 2009

Satin Moon Quilt Shop - Victoria, BC Canada

Satin Moon Quilt shop was truly a treat! First, I didn't expect to visit a quilt shop in Victoria, BC Canada but of course I asked since we only had a few hours to kill that morning in town but I just love this city - it has to be one of the cleanest cities I have ever visited, twice now. This shop was great and we were led there after asking a couple locals if there was a quilt shop within walking distance and there was, and it well worth a couple extra steps to find it near City Hall in downtown. The shop was full of wonderful fabric and patterns and great quilts everywhere. I stumbled upon a small sale basket of fabric at $6 per meter (Canadian) - that's just under $6 a meter US since the exchange rate that day was $1.08 CA to $1.00 US. Most of the fabric in the shop was anywhere from $12 to $16 per meter Canadian. I thought that was a little pricy in comparison to most US quilt shops but i'm sure taxes and the such play into that. The shop keeper was friendly and she informed me that there are over 3,000 quilters in the greater Victoria BC quilters guild -- OMG - did she say 3,000 members -- YES she did! My jaw dropped. Lot's of quilters all over that part of Canada!

I picked up a couple meters of sale fabric, found a fat quarter of balloon fabric and a great eagle pattern made by a local artist Shania Sunga.

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