Saturday, February 21, 2009

First Mini-Quilt project

I joined a Flickr group to create and swap mini-quilts - to learn more about that, click here. This month, the theme was your favorite childrens book - I picked The Ugly Duckling which was a favorite of mine. I created a mini-quilt depicting that book which I mailed off to my swap partner Robyn in Texas. She mailed me her beautiful mini-quilt earlier this month - her favorite book is Where the Wild Things Are. This was a totally fun project and I definitely plan to particpate in this fun group again.


Rose Marie said...

I've done a few swaps now and have to say that your swap group had a different idea to the norm and the quilts are great! It will be interesting to see what project comes around next.

Ryan said...

Your duckling quilt is so cute! And detailed, you're very talented. Also, as someone who had spent quite a bit of time in Boston, "Make Way for Ducklings" is one of my favorite children's books

Allie said...

Those are both beautiful! What a fun idea to do a page from books.