Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Ground Hogs Day -- and Jury Duty today!

Hey folks - i'm still around just not doing the things I really want to be doing. It's been a real crazy start to the new year and even though I have every intention to quilt and sew on the weekends, every weekend thus far has ended up with a host of other things that have to get done or shopping that had to get done or organizing that had to get done. Well, the sewing room is a bit more organized now - I stashed away much of the christmas fabrics until later this summer when I will get back into the spirit of the holidays. Right now I want to start a couple other quilts and I have a few birthday gifts to create as well. Isn't that groundhog background just adorable! He'll only be around a day or so before I change that to a Valentines day background --- anything with RED will be my style! I also got slammed with a Jury Duty summons a few weeks back -- and will you know my number is up so I have to report bright and early tomorrow morning. This happened about 5 or 6 years ago and they got me again -- I just hope I don't have to go a few days in a row -- that will really put a damper on many of my plans!

Have a great Ground Hogs Day folks!


CJ said...

Mr. Ground Hog is adorable! So sorry you got sucked into jury duty, ugh ugh ugh! Hope your year starts shaping up soon!

whimzeestitches said...

Hey CJ - thanks for visiting today! I was in and out of jury duty in 3 hours -- I guess they didn't need us citizens today because none of the 300 or so jurors got called in. Six more weeks of winter and it sure feels like winter today in New Orleans! Nothing like up north though!