Monday, February 2, 2009

Planning out some new projects

Even though I have not started any new sewing projects, I sure have been busy buying things and dreaming of grand plans. In the recent Fon's & Porter Love of Quilting, Jan/Feb 2009 issue, I am very inspired by the "I Wooly Love Ewe" quilt pattern -- that looks like fun so I went to my stash and grabbed a few fabrics that I thought would go well in the quilt -- I still need to add some reds to the basket but it's a start and I might actually finish this one in time to hang it for Easter!

Next on the agenda is a few quick tote and purse projects. I had created some christmas gifts this past season and our friend Natalie, who received the pink and black kitty bag, brought it to her office and a friend wants to have me make one for her niece, a smaller version since she's only like 7 - - she loves puppies, kitties and pink -- so I found some fun pupy fabric a month ago that I knew would come in handy at some point - see, buying fabric whenever you see it not knowing what it's for at the time of purchase does make sense - LOL.

OK so what else - I know I still have to finish the binding on my Christmas Punch quilt - O my goodness - will I ever get to that??? - I'm sure because it's sitting there staring at me every time I walk into the sewing room. Here are some other fun purchases I've made recently - after attending the first Virtual Bernina Club at my dealer here in Louisiana, I bought the sewing room organizing book - there are some great projects in there! EDIT TO ADD BOOK INFO (Quilters Get Organized by Pattie Donham, published by American School of Needlework,, ISBN 978-1-59012-186-3 retail $10.95) I also found some fun fabrics the other day -- I have plans to create a little girl's smock for possible use in the photo studio --- we'll see, not sure how that will come along since I'm really not that handy with garment sewing.


Dionne said...

Wow! You have some fabulous fabrics!

Kim said...

Nice, fun projects and pretty fabrics - especially the last picture, sigh. I LOVE to shop for fabric, but it's nice to pull a little something off my own shelf and put it to use. I like to sew bindings on large quilts, small ones, not so much, lol, I have no idea why...maybe not enough time between miters, lol. Happy quilting and bag making!

Vicky said...

Great fabric. I love those polka dots in the last photo. Info on the organization book, please? Lord knows I need help on that score! Great new project. So you're binding today, right? LOL

Deb said...

I LOVE that darling dog fabric. Waaayyy too cute !! Could you tell me the name/manufacturer of the fabric? I'm going to have to track that one down !! Regards to New Orleans... My husband and I lived in Slidell from '81-'87. He worked in Metairie. All this BK...before kids!! I'm sure it's a different looking city these days...Thanks much !