Saturday, December 13, 2008

Curtain and Drapes sewing project

A while back I began a long-term project for our friends Missy and Sonia to create curtains and drapes for their new home here in Louisiana. I measured and designed for their many tall windows and we went fabric shopping one afternoon. They chose some wonderful colorful fabrics, any stripes because they are not very florally people but that's OK - makes the sewing a lot easier because I didn't have to match up much of a pattern! Yipee! So here are some photos of their living room where some very bold stripes of green, red, brown, black and white really accent their avocado-ish green walls which is a similar color to our living room here at home which they loved and wanted something similiar. Their bedroom has a golden green/red stripe fabric -- both rooms are lined with blackout lining and interlined as well for that hot Louisiana summer sun! The black is great since these gals love to sleep in all morning so this helps them do that. In the office, they went with a green and pink strip which I made into some poof/ballon type curtain which really is just an accent - not much of a function - it covers these smaller square windows above the larger rectangular windows that go nearly to the floor.


Vicky said...

You made curtains! Wow, my hat's off to you! They're beautiful. I love the fleur-de-lis on the rods. Fabulous job!

CJ said...

THey're gorgeous, I love the fabrics!