Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Holidays From New Mexico!

We arrived in Aztec, NM on Wednesday around noon after a very long 20-something hour drive from New Orleans - we had an uneventful drive, just a little rain in Texas, moderately warm temperatures until we hit Amarillo where it dipped down to about 15 degrees over night or was it really early in the morning - I can't remember. We immediately unpacked the van, made our hugs and kisses, showered and then took a nice snooze to recoup a little after that drive. Plenty of snow up here in the upper elevation of northwest New Mexico but it's so lovely. Jody took some snaps outside today and it supposed to snow again tonight but then that's supposed to be it. We plan to take a day trip to Santa Fe and Albuqurque on Monday I think and then we'll be in Albuquereque for a couple nights for New Years eve and New Years day before we head back to New Orleans on Friday the 2nd. Hope everyone is well and had a wonderful Christmas.


Kim said...

Looks like a Minnesota Christmas scene. Does the snow stay for long in this area of NM? Have a wonderful visit!

Vicky said...

So not fair! You've already had your taste of snow this year! Save some for the rest of us!! LOL. Happy New Year, Rick!