Monday, December 8, 2008

Holiday Quilt Continues

So Judy's quiltathon may officially have ended with the weekend ending but I still have a bunch of work to get completed on this holiday quilt before I call it complete. Today was a long day in the photo studio - so many calls, so many emails, so many orders to push through because everyone needs photos and cards in time for the holidays. So as evening began to fall, it was time to get some quilting done too. I knew I had my border pieces to stitch into rows. Done. Cut the rows into two rows and stitch into border rows. Done. Now onto creating a smaller border that will go between the blocks and the larger stitched outer border. Since I only had two fat quarters of each Christmas Punch fabric, I was limisted on a king size quilt so I decided to use 2 fat quarters each of a biege and green holly print to create my 2" border strips which I sewed into alternatining strips. Here's my progress photos of that. Tomorrow, I need to attach the border strips and outer border rows to the quilt and then I think the quilt will be ready enough to take to Mom's in two weeks and machine quilt on her long arm. BUT I still need to find backing fabric and figure out the binding fabric too. I'm still waiting for my new Joann's circular for this week!


Vicky said...

You're really moving along on that quilt! I need some of whatever you're taking! LOL. Looking good. Can't wait to see it all finished up!

JudyL said...

How's the quilt coming?

whimzeestitches said...

It's moving along --- the 2" border is on -- I have the bigger border to sew on today and the top should be done! I'll post about that later or tomorrow!