Friday, December 26, 2008

We're quilting!

Well I had a mission when we drove to New Mexico and that was to quilt my first quilt on Mom's Voyager long arm and well, after several little tweaks to tension and getting the darn thing rolled correctly, it was a learning process for both us and why not let Mom learn on my quilt rather than some of her own, and we were quilting in no time. We're doing a little at a time between visiting, cooking and a little shopping, but we'll get it done before we leave on the 31st. Here we are setting things up and me at the quilting machine following that pantograph of snowflakes. I'll post some new photos after it's done and binded, I hope this week!


Dianah said...

How far have you gotten on the quilting? I can't wait to see it done.


Vicky said...

Your mom is adorable! And you look like an old pro at the machine. Well, not "old" -- oh, heck, you know what I mean! LOL. I'm truly impressed that you forged right through on this one all the way to the quilting!

JudyL said...

Rick! That was a pretty big quilt to start with. Most people start with smaller projects! I'm impressed!

Chris said...

THAT is a beautiful quilt on the Voyager! How did you like using the machine in the end.
The Voyager was the machine O thought I would get til I tried out the Tin Lizzie in 2007 and bought it instead. I do like my machine.

Lisa said...

Oh lucky you, and lucky your mom for having such a cool quilting machine. I want one. :-( Guess I better save up. LOL!

Lisa (flickr lmdesign7)