Saturday, December 6, 2008

First Christmas Quilt - Progress

So I had intentions of logging in earlier today when I was finishing up the half square triangle blocks, which are not perfect by the way but I tried, and then I started cutting squares and strips for creating the rest of the quilt block. This is how far I've gotten so far and I'm now using my make-shift design wall to design the quilt and piece the blocks together. My goal is to finish this by tomorrow night. Wish me luck!

I got iTunes radio dialed into country christmas hits and i'm just moving along. I think my quilt will be really busy looking at the end.... we'll see!

Saturday PM update is above this post or just click this link to read the update and see how far I got:

After dinner and kitchen cleanup duty, I went over to my design wall and put the last 4 rows together and then stacked everything to get ready for sewing on Sunday morning!

Sunday 11:00am -- well I thought I'd be up early today - NOT --- Late sleep in today which felt oh so good! So now it's 1:00pm and i'm blogging - reading email - responding to emails and just switched on the Bernina --- but one of the cats had a field day with the thread last night - it's wound around the machine completely a few times --- Oh Kitty -- I have something for you! SMACK ---No not really!

1:05pm - I'm going to get started on sewing!

3:00pm - two more rows almost dones -- I have a total of seven rows in this quilt. I think I'll get it done -if I can stop chatting and emailing for a bit! LOL.

4:55pm - the top is pieced -no border yet but that's next. Here's what it looks like.. I like it - very colorful and once it's quilted at the end of the month, i'm sure it will be great I'll have to display it well after the holidays too! why not!

8:45pm - Back at it after a couple friends came over to visit - saw the quilt top and said can we order one from you -- i'm like, for next year sure! I was humbled but I can write it down and hope and plan for that during the summer 2009. They brought over their two adoable little chiwawa's which we took out back to my photo studio and captured some holiday fun image for their christmas cards - i'll have to post an image tomorrow after I upload the card. Well, after dinner and cleanup, I said I need to make some kind of border for this quilt so I looked at my Christmas Punch fat quarters and pulled several of them to create a pieced border - this is what I came up with - now I need to stitch the strips, cut them and create a border and sew that on to the quilt. I'll get that going and probably stop soon since it's getting late and I want to watch a little TV before hitting the bed tonight.


Vicky said...

Oh, Rick, it's wonderful! Not too busy at all! After all, Christmas is a riot of colors and busy-ness! I love it! Good going!

Judy Laquidara said...

Good luck getting it finished. I love it!

whimzeestitches said...

Hey Vicky and Judy - thanks a lot! I hope I get it finished too! I like to challenge myself so I got two challenges going - one is just using the Christmas punch FQs I have and the second is just getting it done!

Scrappy-Quilter said...

nicely done! love the fabrics and colors you are using for this one. nice to be doing the quiltathon with you.

pdudgeon said...

very nice progress! i like what you've done so far with this fabric line. it will really give the prints a chance to shine, and the HST blocks will tie it all together nicely. good job!!!