Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pink Kitty Cats and some new labels

I found this really great fabric with Hot Pink Kitty Cats all over it (isn't it a fun fabric!) a while back and I knew right away I wanted to make some gifts from it. I am currently working on some projects, one is a purse-type tote and I'll probably create a larger tote back as well and then see what's left over to create a couple fun things as well. This is what I've been up to the rest of today after I finished my christms punch quilt top in the post below.

Then I thought I wanted to add a little personal label insdie my gift project so I grabbed some ribbon, white first and embroidered some wording on the ribbon -- then I saw I had some narrower brown/white poka-dot ribbon and embroidered on that too. I like the brown/poka-dot ones more.

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Dianah said...

I love the ribbon idea! I have tons of left over ribbon that I haven't used.