Thursday, December 11, 2008

SNOW DAY - Can you believe it!

The last time it snowed in New Orleans it was Christmas Day 2004 and prior to that, any accumulated snow fall was back in 1989! Well, I work up today to snow falling - it started off as rain, went to a nice mix of sleet/ice/rain and quickly changed to a nice heavy wet snow pretty quickly and it's now accumulating and covering everything in a nice blanket of snow. The forecast is for this to last a few hours this morning before it stops and possibly goes to rain. As you all might not know, in South Louisiana, there are no snow plows and thankfuly, the roads are warm enough to keep the snow melting at it hits it but people are dumb and don't know how to drive on this slippery mix of stuff. Anyways, we're going to enjoy this great white fluff today before it melts quickly this afternoon.

I took a couple quick snaps this morning. I didn't go much further than my little covered entry porch -- I am in my night shorts and t-shirt still! O my it's frigid --- reminds me of being back home on Long Island growing up and listening intently on the radio for the news that school is closed today!

10:00am update -- the snow is now ice and rain but mostly small ice pellets. Lots of our bridges are closed because the road is icy so they are advising everyone to stay home and not drive this morning.

2:00pm update -- it's all gone except for the bitter cold! What a tease that was from mother nature! LOL


Vicky said...

And what a tease you are for showing the snow to me! Makes me totally homesick! I never did get in touch with my brother today to find out if it snowed in Franklin. Thanks for sharing it with us. (sigh)

JudyL said...

My dad called me at 5:30 a.m. to tell me it was snowing in Lake Charles. What fun for those who so rarely get to experience it. Looks gorgeous in your neighborhood.