Monday, December 8, 2008

What's up with the postman

I might have some sort of OCD thing going on with my post man and his delivery schedule. For the last several months, he comes later and later in the evening... Getting our mail delivered around 4 or 5 was OK - it was routine for nearly a decade. Then suddenly, things changed a little and he was coming around 6 or later -- a few nights he strolled the neighborhood delivering mail at nearly 8pm! Holy smokes - I wonder if the USPS pays overtime rates after 5pm?

Well anyways, my reason for the post is this - - - Upon our return from Tunica, MS over the Thanksgiving holiay, I just went about my business and I had been having a little fabric store withdrawl - so I searched for my Joann's and Hancock's circulars. Low and behold, I found them - Joann's was for the previous week and Hancocks was good through 12/6. OK, no big deal but then I was like, where's my new Joann's circular? I don't ever remember receiving it. So of course the days roll by and I pay it no mind because I didn't ever get out to go to Joann's nor to Hancocks. So here were are in a new week and Saturday's are usually the day my Joann's circular arrives in the mail. Well, low and behold Saturday arrives and what's in the mail box but my Joann's circular, FROM LAST WEEK - it was the circular for the post Thanksgiving sale through 12/6 -- I received that circular on 12/6 -- what good does that do me? Not much at all. No 12/6 has come and gone and it's now 12/8 and still no Joann's or Hancocks for the new week! I'm a bit P.O.ed at the PO. I wonder if there is anyone I can complain to about this tardiness of circulars.... is it OCD????

Editted - Tuesday, December 9, 2008 9:54pm: Maybe it was something I said but wouldn't you know it - as soon as I post something like this, the infamous Joann's circular finally arrived in today's mail and with two 50% off coupons inside! woo hoo! Still waiting for my Hancocks' circular to arrive ------ tapping fingers on laptop!

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Kim said...

Time sensitive mail should not be delivered past the date of a sale time frame. Sometimes, bulk mailings are left behind in order to get the first class delivered on time. A postmaster would likely NEVER admit to that. Having said that, I encourage you to give a quick call to your postmaster and let him know what is happening. You might also call your local Joann's or whoever is affected by this and let them know that their mail is not being delivered in a timely fashion. The postal service has added up to three hours to routine routes and have fewer carriers to manage the mail, and, they are whipping the clerks and carriers to get more work done in the same amount of time that they did before the additional coverage, one person can only walk so fast and so far before slowing down. As you can imagine, they cut the budget and are taking steps to continue service with less man/woman-power and frankly it is not working for the customers and it's killing the carriers. There is OT paid, they think working fewer carriers for more hours is cost saving. I would expect to see these "glitches" happening more often while the USPS continues to screw with things. Sorry. Meanwhile, check out the advertisements on-line. Good luck.